ROCK Stars

If you’re reading this message, that means you’re already a supporter of our club and our kids. Your support can Reach Our Club Kids and make a greater impact when you’re a BGCL ROCKstar!

ROCKstar donations are a monthly donation to the club that reaches our members who are here daily. It is our goal for every child who becomes a member to grow at least a little bit once they walk through our doors. These monthly donations really provide the support to our kids who see us as a second home and give us even more room to let them grow.

With a recurring gift of as little as $5 a month, you help sustain programs and activities long-term, make a huge impact on our club and members, and become a ROCKstar yourself!

Meet Tanya and Aiden.

Aiden has been a Club member since 6th grade. Over the years he has grown in his leadership skills. He started off as a Club member then became a Junior Staff member, ran a Beyblades Club, and taught members how to use an Oculus – a VR headset. Not only that, he also made some wonderful friends along the way. Aiden’s mother, Tanya, who joined our Board of Directors shortly after Aiden started at the Club, has seen the impact that the BGCL has had on her son and how it has helped him in the time he has been here. Tanya is a ROCKstar! Read what she had to say about the Club below:

 ”I look back at my experience in middle school and while parts were good (I had an awesome BFF), there were a lot that were awful. It’s such an awkward time in most kids lives and the teachers that were there at the time didn’t help much. To this day I can honestly say that some of the negative social and academic experiences I had still have a negative impact on my confidence and interactions with other people. Having some place like the club back then would likely have made a big difference for me. When we moved back to Lunenburg in time for Aiden to start 6th grade, I was really worried about his social adjustment. I remembered how awful it was for me. My main reason for having him join the club was to give him a small dose of “freedom” and a place to go that was open late enough for my husband or I to pick him up after work. However, the club ended up being the best thing for him. He found his people there and it made the transition no big deal. It was a huge relief for me. These are all reasons why I donate and why I’m on the Board. I wish I had a Michelle and a BGCL when I was in 6th grade.”