Teaghan’s 12 Months of Birthday Gifts…

“Teaghan had been waiting for years to join BGCL and was so excited (after having a blast in the Summer program) to be entering the 6th grade and become an official member. The club has been a wonderful opportunity to meet other middle and high school students, and practice more independence. As parents, we always look to find those things that put a smile on your child’s face. BGCL is one of those things for Teaghan. She always leaves with a smile on her face, with stories to tell about art, cooking, games and competitions, and more.  

When Covid hit in March, and students went to a remote learning plan, we were so thankful for the efforts put forth by Michelle and Brent and their staff at the club. Through their efforts with #VirtualBGCL, Teaghan was able to stay connected with her friends at the club. It was a bit of normal during a very different time, and one of the few things that made the end of 6th grade enjoyable. Those virtual check-ins, cooking classes, games, meetings, and movie parties created a little buzz of joy in our house, which was greatly needed as we adjusted to quarantine life.  

Fast forward to today, Teaghan has been so happy for the club to be back open in the last couple of weeks. She’s having a blast with her group. She’s felt safe and welcome. These Wednesdays and Fridays mean so much to the whole family. We love getting her text messages asking us not to pick her up early – a sure sign of fun being had.  

As parents, we’re proud that she is a part of something that inspires her to want to make a difference. Using her 13th birthday to raise money for the club is something we were very proud of. We’re humbled that her seemingly small gesture is (hopefully) starting a movement at the club through Teaghan’s 12 Months of Birthday Gifts. These small gestures mean a great deal, and keep this important part of Lunenburg vibrant and thriving for current and future BGCL members, including T’s younger brother Callum, currently in 5th grade.”  

Please follow Teaghan’s inspiring lead, and take the pledge to commit your Facebook Birthday Fundraiser to the Boys & Girls Club of Lunenburg – just click this link to complete the google form! It will take you less than a minute, and can make a meaningful difference here in our little Club!